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North Devon Council takes part in No Mow May

27-04-2023 11:42 AM BST
North Devon Council is letting the grass grow wild in a number of its green spaces in support of the charity campaign ‘No Mow May’.

No Mow May was first launched in the UK in 2019 by conservation charity Plantlife, and has since spread to other countries, with the goal of creating a more wildlife-friendly environment. The campaign aims to encourage individuals and organisations to lock away their lawnmowers for the month of May in an effort to encourage wildflowers and support local wildlife.

Parks Officer at North Devon Council, Andrew Moulton, says: “By supporting No Mow May, we hope to inspire residents to take small actions that can make a big difference in creating a healthier and more vibrant ecosystem in our local area.”

The council will be leaving two sites to grow wild during May: the first being in Whiddon Valley and the second at Landkey. The council is also encouraging residents to learn more about other eco-friendly practices they can adopt in their daily lives, such as composting and reducing water wastage.

For more information about ‘No Mow May’ and to participate, please visit the Plantlife website.


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