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Council trials electric van in push to cut carbon emissions

North Devon Council is taking a significant step towards its commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions by conducting a four-week trial of an electric van.

As part of the council’s wider hopes to decarbonise its fleet, the trial aims to assess the electric van’s performance and suitability for integration into the council’s existing vehicles. 

The Ford E-Transit, currently being operated by the council’s parks team, offers a promising solution in the council’s efforts to combat climate change. With a range of up to 142 miles, the vehicle demonstrates impressive capabilities, ensuring efficient and reliable service for the team’s operations. It has been estimated that by converting to this fully electric vehicle, the council could save up to 770kg of CO2 on this van alone, every year, contributing significantly to the council’s sustainability goals.

Lead Member for Climate and Biodiversity, Councillor Ricky Knight says: “The introduction of electric vehicles to our fleet is a crucial step in our commitment to creating a greener and cleaner district. We understand the urgency of addressing climate change, and by trialing this electric van, we are actively working towards reducing our carbon footprint as exemplars of local good practice. The future’s electric – it has to be.”

By undertaking this trial, the council aims to evaluate the electric van’s performance in real-world scenarios. The insights gained during the trial will assist in making an informed decision about incorporating electric vehicles into its fleet. The trial aligns with the council’s strategic objectives, focusing on decarbonising its entire fleet and promoting the adoption of low-emission vehicles.


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