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Attract new customers or members with a Special Offer

We really want Witheridge Online to be a place where local people come back on a regular basis, and something we know everyone likes is a Special Offer!

So we’ve created a category of “post” that registered businesses can use to tempt, reward, and thank their local customers. We hope to keep this section bursting with relevant and generous offers from local organisations to local people. If you’re struggling to think what you might offer, how about:

  • A simple discount. 10% is always an easy one for people to calculate, and most businesses would prefer to sell something at 90% than nothing at 100%.
  • A free, introductory, something or other. Particularly for products or services where people might be unsure about whether they really want or need a thing, or where there’s a bewildering amount of choice.
  • Two for the price of one, Three for the price of two deals etc.
  • Extended warranty or guarantees. Promises of a no-quibble refund or extended free repair or replacement periods for example go a long way to reassuring people about their purchases, especially for more expensive items.
  • Free consultation. Particularly for professional services or offering expert advice (interior design, legal, accountancy to name a few), this is a great way of starting to explore what’s possible and generate a bit of trust and rapport before a client has to commit to something more substantial.

Unlike magazines and newspapers, the beauty of Witheridge Online of course is that people can update and post new offers whenever they want, so the offers here should always be up to date and timely. That’s the plan anyway!


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