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Just to confuse you, Announcements are actually called “notices” behind the scenes in this WordPress theme. The good news though is that the editor is almost identical to the one you use for Special Offers and Articles. The main difference is that the top level Announcements page doesn’t have clickable “featured images” to take you to individual sub-pages; all Announcements are shown one after another in full, a bit like a traditional newspaper.

For this reason

Please have a look at the tutorials for Special Offers and Articles to find out more about the sorts of things you can add into an announcement but we recommend keeping announcements short and snappy, with a link to further information elsewhere if needed (e.g. to a longer Article on Witheridge.Online, or to an external website).

You can keep this page open for reference while creating your Announcement in a new browser tab. Click the button below then come back to these instructions when you need to:

New Announcement

Give Your Notice a Title

If you’re not already familiar with the basic WordPress editor, detailed instructions for adding a Title, Text, and Image with a clickable link are the same as described for creating a Special Offer.

Add Metadata

  1. Click the settings “cog” icon in the top right of the screen if the Post settings panel isn’t already visible.
  2. Click the “Categories” caret (up/down arrow) if the Categories box isn’t already visible, then select an appropriate Category (or Categories). If you don’t see a Category that fits, please contact us using the email icon at the bottom of this page and ask us to add a category for your post. If you can include the “edit link” (see step 4) in your email that would be super helpful too.
  3. Click the “Tags” caret (up/down arrow) if the Tags box isn’t already visible and add search tags that are relevant to your Announcement, either by typing new ones separated by a comma or by clicking on one of the “Most Used” tags displayed.
  4. Before clicking finally on the “Submit for Review” button we strongly recommend you copy and save the “edit link” shown in the main browser address bar. You can use this to come back and update (or remove) your Announcement whenever you like in future.
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