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Articles are actually created using the same editing screen as regular Special Offers and are called “posts” in WordPress. The main difference is simply which “Category” checkbox you select before publishing.

You can keep this page open for reference while creating your Article in a new browser tab. Click the button below then come back to these instructions when you need to:

New Article

Give Your Post a Title

  1. Enter the title of your article here. The title is also used to generate the web link.
  2. Enter your main text here.
  3. Click the blue “+” icon at the top of the screen to reveal the “Block Inserter” panel. The icon will change to a black “x” shape which you can click to hide the panel again.
  4. Select any of the pre-designed “blocks” you want to use to make your Article come to life – anything from Buttons to embedded audio. Each block has different settings and does different things so I’m afraid it’s beyond the scope of this article to go through them all. The best way of exploring all the options is just to select one and see what it looks like. Have fun playing!

Add Metadata

  1. Click the settings “cog” icon in the top right of the screen if the Post settings panel isn’t already visible.
  2. Click the “Categories” caret (up/down arrow) if the Categories box isn’t already visible.
  3. Select the “Articles” checkbox. Important – if you don’t do this, your post won’t be visible on our Articles page.
  4. Click the “Tags” caret (up/down arrow) if the Tags box isn’t already visible.
  5. Add search tags that are relevant to your Article, either by typing new ones separated by a comma or by clicking on one of the “Most Used” tags displayed.
  6. Click the “Featured Image” caret (up/down arrow) if the Featured Image box isn’t already visible.
  7. Click on the (empty) “Featured Image” box. This will take you to the Media Library where you can upload a new image or select an existing one. The Featured Image is the thumbnail which will be displayed on the main Special Offers page.
  8. If you want to choose a different image, click the “Replace Image” button.
  9. Go back up to the top (right) of the page and click the “Publish” button.

Almost Done!

  1. Before clicking finally on the “Submit for Review” button…
  2. We strongly recommend you copy and save the “edit link” shown in the main browser address bar. You can use this to come back and update (or remove) your Article whenever you like in future.
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