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Tag: Environment

Community invited to bat and moth walk

The North Devon community are being invited to attend a bat and moth walk which will take place at Fremington Local Nature Reserve. The event which has been scheduled for Wednesday, 23 August at 7:30 pm, invites individuals of all ages to explore the wonders of nature and encounter the fascinating creatures in their natural habitat.

Those wishing to come along are invited to meet at the Fremington Village Green, opposite The New Inn Fremington, before embarking on the experience, led by local nature experts. 

With bat detectors in hand, attendees will experience the thrill of detecting bats’ ultrasonic calls and learn more about their behaviour and importance in the local ecosystem. 

To make the most of this engaging adventure, participants are encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather conditions and are kindly asked to bring along a torch for added convenience and safety during the walk.

Lead Member for Climate and Biodiversity, Cllr Ricky Knight, says: “Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating world of bats and moths at Fremington Local Nature Reserve. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, 23 August, at 7:30 pm, and join us for an evening of excitement.”

The event is open to everyone, from seasoned nature enthusiasts to curious newcomers. The event is free of charge, and there is no need to book in advance.

For any inquiries or additional information, individuals can contact North Devon Council’s Parks team on 01271 388326.

Council trials electric van in push to cut carbon emissions

North Devon Council is taking a significant step towards its commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions by conducting a four-week trial of an electric van.

As part of the council’s wider hopes to decarbonise its fleet, the trial aims to assess the electric van’s performance and suitability for integration into the council’s existing vehicles. 

The Ford E-Transit, currently being operated by the council’s parks team, offers a promising solution in the council’s efforts to combat climate change. With a range of up to 142 miles, the vehicle demonstrates impressive capabilities, ensuring efficient and reliable service for the team’s operations. It has been estimated that by converting to this fully electric vehicle, the council could save up to 770kg of CO2 on this van alone, every year, contributing significantly to the council’s sustainability goals.

Lead Member for Climate and Biodiversity, Councillor Ricky Knight says: “The introduction of electric vehicles to our fleet is a crucial step in our commitment to creating a greener and cleaner district. We understand the urgency of addressing climate change, and by trialing this electric van, we are actively working towards reducing our carbon footprint as exemplars of local good practice. The future’s electric – it has to be.”

By undertaking this trial, the council aims to evaluate the electric van’s performance in real-world scenarios. The insights gained during the trial will assist in making an informed decision about incorporating electric vehicles into its fleet. The trial aligns with the council’s strategic objectives, focusing on decarbonising its entire fleet and promoting the adoption of low-emission vehicles.

Do the Green Thing for the King!

06-04-2023 02:31 PM BST
Green coronation

Recognising the King’s and the Royal Family’s support for the environment and green causes, North Devon and Torridge Councils have teamed up with local charity Plastic Free North Devon to produce some ‘top tips’ to help event organisers ensure a celebration that doesn’t damage the earth. Suitable for any size of gathering, from afternoon tea with the neighbours to a party for the whole community, the tips offer a handy guide to reducing and eliminating single-use plastic, preventing litter, increasing recycling, and supporting local shops.

The tips are aimed at jogging people’s memory into thinking about such things as how they might collect any food waste or providing recycle collection points at an event and how the disposal of any materials collected might be handled. Purchasing drinks in cans as opposed to plastic, or getting people to bring their own cups, and using alternatives to plastic straws are further examples of easy ways to help the environment without affecting people’s fun and enjoyment.

CEO of Plastic Free North Devon, Claire Moodie, says: “We know that people in North Devon are concerned about their local environment, and keen to take action to protect it and the planet. These top tips offer a simple way to host a celebration for the King and keep it green with just a little preparation and planning. We’re delighted to be working again with North Devon and Torridge Councils to help residents and businesses be more sustainable.”

Sustainability and Climate Officer at North Devon and Torridge Councils, Donna Sibley, says“Both North Devon and Torridge Councils are justifiably proud of our recycling rates through our kerbside collection schemes, and work with residents to keep black bin waste as low as possible. We’re hoping our communities will rise to the challenge of making different choices and showing the rest of the country what a green Coronation looks like. The tips will help people with ideas on how they can cut the amount of plastic and general waste that might otherwise be generated and suggest ways of managing and promoting recycling.”

The tips to help you reduce plastic waste at your event along with a list of organised events can be found at and

Update from South West Water

Our water resources are under increasing pressureThank you for everything you’ve been doing to help reduce demand since last summer and save water. The South West remains in drought following some of the driest conditions in nearly 90 years. A continuing lack of rainfall means our reservoirs have struggled to recover to the levels we need going into the summer. As of the 29th March 2023, Roadford reservoir was 63.7% full. For up-to-date reservoir levels, please visit our current reservoir levels webpage.
Now more than ever we need your help to Save Every DropTo help us maintain and deliver the water you need, we continue to offer a wide range of support, everyday tips, advice and water saving devices that can help you reduce your usage at home with minimal effort and change.  What’s more, if you’re on a meter then any further savings you can make at home will result in savings on your water bill. Using less hot water will make savings on your energy bills too.  Small steps can make an extraordinary difference and we continue to ask everyone to save every drop by reducing their water use.  To discover all the support available, please visit our website.
We’re working hard to meet demand and make every drop countWe take our responsibility to every customer extremely seriously and are working hard to manage our network, resources and reservoirs in the best possible way to meet demandWe’re fixing more leaks than ever before and quicker with all identified leaks fixed in 3.6 days on average.We’re investing in additional supplies and resources and since last year have brought Hawks Tor, an old disused quarry, into use as a new reservoir.  We’re building 2 desalination plants to provide additional water supply, recognising the impact of climate change and the need for future resilience.
Thank you for all your help and supportWe really appreciate your efforts and support to help save every drop. Together these ordinary steps really can make an extraordinary difference.  
Laura FlowerdewChief Customer and Digital Officer
Take control of your water’s future  The future of water is changing. With new challenges that climate change brings, we must adapt to combat them. In our Water Resources Management Plan, we have detailed how we will be protecting and improving our environment whilst balancing water supplies. However, we need your help. Your feedback is essential to the plan’s development and the input you give will help us tailor what we can deliver to benefit both yourself and the environment we live in.  
To find out how you can submit your thoughts and ideas, please visit the Water Resources Management Plan webpage.
A big thank you to everyone for taking action and saving water already. It’s a team effort and through small changes in water use we can make a big difference.
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