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Tag: Witheridge

Speedwatch Volunteers

Are you interested in helping your community in Nomansland and Witheridge remain safe from speeding traffic?

We are looking for more volunteers to help us with the Community Speedwatch. We are a fun bunch and we try to do a session every week to try to get people to adhere to the speed limit. If you are interested there is a Community Speedwatch site you can visit. If you want to come along to see what is involved we would love to see you.

In the meantime thank you to all the drivers passing through Witheridge and Nomansland that are adhering to speed limits this helps to make our part of Devon that little bit safer.

Witheridge Voice: Issue 51

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You can use your Arrow keys on a computer or click the left/right arrows to browse through this electronic version of the Witheridge Voice. There’s also a great little toolbar where you can change to full screen, show page thumbnails, view two pages at once and more…

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