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Tag: The Big Help Out

North Devon partnership lend a hand

North Devon Council, in partnership with North Devon Voluntary Service, have announced that they will be supporting the Big Help Out; a national campaign that aims to encourage volunteering in communities across the country.

The campaign showcases how volunteering benefits both the communities and the people who take part and its long-term objective is to get more people involved in volunteering and to highlight the positive impact it has on society.

The initiative is being launched as part of the celebrations marking the Coronation of King Charles III, and the partnership is calling on individuals and groups to come forward to share details of their volunteering groups to get new members on board.

Chief Executive of North Devon Council, Ken Miles, says: “The Big Help Out campaign is an excellent opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to give back to their communities, and we are thrilled to be part of it. We believe that volunteering is an essential part of community building, and we are encouraging everyone to get involved and make a difference.

“To support the campaign, which officially launches on 8 May, we as a partnership are encouraging individuals to visit the Devon Connect website and list their volunteering opportunities. We will then be promoting these opportunities on our social media channels (@North Devon Council & @North Devon Voluntary Services – NDVS).

“We hope that by doing this, we will be able to connect volunteers with groups and organisations that need their help and support.”

Chief Officer of Northern Devon Voluntary Service, Marie Gould, says: “Our community is exceptionally well served by our Voluntary and Community Groups and we are very pleased, in collaboration with North Devon Council, to celebrate all of this much-needed work as well as gain further and much-needed additional support, in the form of volunteering roles. Thriving, strong and healthy communities are derived through the work of our Voluntary and Community groups and those that volunteer. The Big Help Out will help us to further raise awareness of just how important and rewarding volunteering can be for all involved.”

If you would like your volunteering opportunities added to the Devon Connect website, please click ‘add a listing’ on it’s homepage.

If you’re looking to start volunteering but don’t know where to start, please visit Devon Connects website to find opportunities in your local area.

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