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North Devon Council New Portal

Council tax, business rates and benefits made easier with new online portal

28 November 2023

North Devon Council has launched an online portal to help make life easier for those managing their council tax, business rates and benefits.

The portal offers a quick and convenient way for residents and rate payers to access their details and manage their payments in one place, and set up direct debits without having to fill out a paper form.

The council tax portal allows users to easily access their tax account details, view their bills, and arrange to pay by direct debit if they are not doing so already. Residents can also apply for discounts and tell the council about a change of address or circumstances.

Those who pay business rates can log in to view their account details and bills, arrange to pay by direct debit and also apply for reliefs and exemptions.

A benefits portal also allows users to view their Council Tax Reduction and Housing Benefit awards, while landlords can view Housing Benefit payment schedules.

Customers will need their relevant account number to create an online account and set up a direct debit.

North Devon Council leader, Councillor Ian Roome, says: “Our new web portal makes it easier than ever for residents to manage their council tax and business rates accounts, and benefits. With just a few clicks you can now set up a direct debit, view your bill and make payments.

“This is a great step forward in our commitment to providing residents with convenient and efficient online services, while those who prefer more traditional methods are still able to pay using our online and telephone payment systems, at a Post Office or Payzone, or by cheque or postal order.”

To sign up, visit the council’s respective council tax, business rates and benefits pages:


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